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welcome to The Knowledge Power Group

Our practical solutions deliver actionable and measurable business results that inform decision makers,
optimize IT efficiency, and improve business performance.

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World Class

KPG is a World Class Technologies consulting Leader.


Real Solutions

Coded by professional hands, our solutions provide solid performance.


Award-winning Team

Our products and Services are backed by our Award-winning team.


UX/UI & Programming

We architect effective solutions that consider how you will use it.


KPG Products & Services

KPG’s products can be web-based and server controlled web portals, mobile-based and data-driven apps, as well as stand alone, project-specific solutions. We can architect and supply professional designs as well as program and deliver superior results that meet or exceed expectations.

We are the One-Stop-Shop for technological development. We provide professional tech development services for serious business, enterprise and government level needs.

Our Latest Projects

Our ability to manage and deliver on project requirements sets us apart from the pack.

We proudly present our latest SaaS (Software as a Service) projects. Each custom created using the latest technologies and best practices. Each project has a web version and a mobile app version across all major mobile operating systems.

Sophos CLS Product Image
Sophos CLS Product Image
Sophos CLS Product Image

High operational costs, low system utilization, inconsistent availability, and poor agility are the catalyst that drive cloud computing...

Of all the bizarre things that are required to do on our day to day I had this one in the back burner for some time now. A while ago I was tasked to...

The term Branding gets thrown around a lot by marketers and in the media. Too often marketers substitute the term Marketing for Branding. This is...

Data is crucial raw material in this, the information era. Data storage and management have become the focus of database design and implementation....

clients testimonials

I think it was Seth Godin that said: "There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them." KPG is that go-to company that can work your ideas into reality.

-Stephen Elis , Business Owner

We live in exciting times. Business is changing rapidly. Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is. If you are looking for a technological partner to help reach that success, choose KPG.

- Sarah Hernandez, Business Owner

KPG solutions are great! They look good and perform! Do you know how rare that is? People are so focused on having good programmers they often forget to have good designers too. Not KPG, they have a well rounded team of developers and excellent customer service to boot!

- Victor Torres, CEO